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March 2019 Newsletter

Let’s Break It Down Dear Parent(s), This is the month when the majority of financial aid awards arrive. The exception is the Ivies who send them the first week of April. Financial aid award letters can be confusing because there is no standard template for them. Parents and students are kind of left on their […]

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February 2019 Newsletter

The Awards Are In! Dear Parent(s), By now your student may have begun receiving financial aid award letters. Even if the complete award notifications are still pending, letters of admission oftentimes include scholarships based on the students academic achievements. So, it won’t be too much longer until you know just how much it will ACTUALLY […]

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How to Read a College Acceptance Letter

How to Read a College Acceptance Letter Today’s the day — your child’s letter of acceptance from their favorite college has arrived. After celebrating the moment, however, it’s essential to review the details of their college acceptance letter, which will provide information on the acceptance, the student’s intended major, creating a student email address to […]

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How to Navigate the College Waitlist Process

How to Navigate the College Waitlist Process It’s a bittersweet moment for parents and children. While your child has gained acceptance to some of the colleges they’ve applied to, they may have also been placed on another school’s waitlist. For many families, this is new territory, and you might be unsure of how to navigate […]

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College Visit Checklist: What You Need to Look for When Touring a College

A college tour is a great coming-of-age experience for a child and an important part of the process of choosing the right school. If you’re at the stage of planning college visits, you want to do it the right way so that your child can get the maximum benefit. What do parents need to know […]

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