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January 2020 Newsletter

The Middle-Class Will Pay Any Price Dear Parent(s), For parents of a student planning on going to college in the fall, I’ve got some news. Fifty percent of parents will pay any cost to send their child to the college of their dreams. How much debt are you willing to go into to put your […]

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September 2019 Newsletter

The Paradox of Choice Dear Parent(s), Have you ever had to buy dish soap and become overwhelmed with the choices? The sheer number of options can create devastating anxiety resulting in a game of “eeny, meeny, miney, moe.” There are studies, most notably by Barry Schwartz, psychology professor at Swarthmore College and author of “The […]

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June 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parent(s), Shred the Debit Card Beginning this August your student is going to need money for all sorts of indirect expenses. Many students use debit cards to pay for these items. But if you want an amazing graduation gift that won’t cost you a nickel, get them a credit card. Here’s why: Your student […]

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American flag and the Ecliptic Financial logo

Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day from everyone at Ecliptic Financial Advisors!

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Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to our graduates from Jackson Liberty, Jackson Memorial, Matawan, Middletown North and Middletown South High Schools! “I know that luck has a way of happening to people who shoot high, who never sell themselves short.” – Teri Teachout

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