College Admissions, Financial Aid

Don’t Panic! It’s Just an Email (2022)

After your student applies to college, emails are regularly sent from admissions and financial aid offices.
Many seem vague, and result in confusion and even panic.

One thing that really upsets parents is admissions telling you that your student should apply for aid. The problem is that if you have already filed your FAFSA, this implies you haven’t. The email SHOULD
include, “If you haven’t already applied for aid… or, If you have already applied for aid ignore this email.”

This is when parents call us, gravely concerned. We have to remind them that the forms were already
filed, and they have received confirmations from the College Board and/or FAFSA.

Other emails will tell you– even before you have decided to enroll– that to secure your student’s aid
they need to apply for student loans. Or that you need to put down a housing deposit right away.
Neither is true!

Colleges use this strategy as a form of marketing disguised as a service. The purpose is to push you
toward enrolling in their institution. Every student has until May 1 st to commit to a college. Any financial aid, including scholarships, will still be applicable until that date!

What those emails don’t tell you is that student loans can be applied for at any time. There is no
shortage of loans!

The exception to the rule is the college telling you they never received the CSS Profile. This email is
legitimate. Sometimes it’s a mistake on their part, but the most common reason is that the student
incorrectly entered their social security number on their admission application.