College Planning Consultants to Help You Reduce Stress and Maximize Savings

Ecliptic Financial Advisors has over 30+ years of experience providing exceptional college aid consulting services, with a strong focus on college financial aid planning and college admissions counseling.

We know the inside track that will help you choose the right college, secure financial aid and prepare your student for success. By using expert financial professionals, you avoid the many pitfalls that can cost you thousands of dollars down the road or may even cost your child a quality education.

You’ll avoid stress, simplify what can be an overwhelming process, and provide your student with a significant advantage. Our free college planning workshops provide insight into this complicated process.

These informative workshops will help you understand the need for professional college funding strategies.  You’ll learn innovative strategies for securing financial aid. We’ll help you limit the financial impact on your existing and future retirement plans and will explain the complicated laws and provisions that affect many areas of college funding. You’ll also learn how to maximize your student’s eligibility for college aid – regardless of your income.

Schools offer many different aid packages so you may find that your top choice – a traditionally more expensive school – may actually cost less because it offers a more substantial financial aid package. We know how to get past the “sticker” price and determine the true cost.

Misleading and incorrect information on the web can also cause confusion and may lead you down the wrong path. Unless you have spent years studying the system, it is difficult to separate fact from myth. Ecliptic Financial Advisors specializes in college financial planning and can provide you with accurate information to ensure your child has a successful college experience.

These workshops help families understand the process and the industry, and help you maximize the amount of gift aid you can receive for your child’s education. We can help you plan your finances to give you a better chance of qualifying for need-based aid, help you develop sustainable college funding strategies to pay for your children’s college and save for your own retirement without growing broke. We’ll also help to make sure you’re taking out a minimal amount of loans, to reduce your debt burden.

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Financial Aid Planning

Evaluate your finances and help you set a college budget. Then we set up a plan to provide the easiest route to achieve your financial goals regarding your child’s college education.

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College Admissions Counseling

Additionally, we can also serve as a college admissions counselor for your child. Our private college admissions counselors can not only reduce stress for you and your child, it can decrease college costs by helping your child stay focused.

Many students find they need to switch majors or schools in order to graduate, both choices that can extend a child’s costly matriculation. Our counseling services may help a student avoid that path. Our student services cover everything your child needs for college success including counseling, preparing a course of study, resume building, writing a college essay and filling out admissions applications.

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