Excellent financial advice and guidance for college and retirement! Well worth the investment.

— John

I have been dealing with ECLIPTIC FINANCIAL ADVISORS since my daughter was a Junior in High School. This organization is the best that has happened to us and our daughter. Everybody there is so well in tune with all aspects of College Financing among other needs. Thank you to everybody!!

— Wayne

Ecliptic advisors were thoughtful, responsive and cared about the issues that were most important to me and my son.

— Lyn

It was a great experience working with Ecliptic. Keeping a busy schedule, Ecliptic took all the worry of dealing with crazy paperwork off your plate. They took care of it for you. Any questions you have, they answered. Their staff is organized, diligent and caring — they even give great advice and lend an ear to a nervous mom whose first child is going to college!

— Jodi K

We are really happy with the support from you. You answered our questions quickly. Took care of submitting necessary paperwork on time.

— Carol

We think very highly of all of you, you all help my daughter get through this process smoothly. Thank you for being there whenever we needed any question answered. I would recommend Ecliptic Financial Advisors to all my friends and family, your support was over the top.

— Marlene

This service is WONDERFUL! They provided great advice that saved me thousands of dollars… and provide exceptional customer service.

— Richard

Ecliptic Financial has been assisting me with my children’s college guidance and assistance with their FAFSA form and college applications for the last 6 years. I truly appreciate all of their kind assistance throughout the year. Michael Scannell and his team of representatives are very knowledgeable and courteous and truly go the extra mile for me and my children. Thank you.

— Joanne

I have come to rely on Ecliptic Financial Advisors for their excellent help with FAFSA forms, appeal letters, and great advice that has helped me secure the financial aid needed to send multiple children to college at the same time. Their genuine concern and help in developing a family budget has helped us climb out of credit card debt and we are now on the road to financial stability. Michael Scannell is an asset to the Ecliptic Financial Advisors company and an excellent advisor to me and my family.

— Thomas

We were first introduced to Ecliptic Financial Advisors at a seminar at my daughter’s high school. After hearing all that we were not prepared for, we knew we needed some help. We took advantage of their free consultation and shortly after agreed to commit and they started putting together a financial plan that was tailored for us. Without Ecliptic Financial Advisors, there was no way for us to make our daughter’s college education a reality. We are now on a financial course that will allow for our daughter to complete her college education. I highly recommend financial planning your child’s college education with Ecliptic Financial Advisors.

— John and Pamela

As with most families, financial planning, particularly for college, can be overwhelming. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris on your team. His patience, knowledge, and guidance, was well worth our time and investment. Chris ensured that we met with him on a regular basis, covering a variety of college planning options and easing concerns. We were also impressed with how Ecliptic engages the perspective college student in the planning process. We would not hesitate to recommend Ecliptic Financial to anyone planning for college, regardless of how soon their child is expected to enter college. Thank you!

— Chris and Betsy

It’s not like we weren’t planning for college, but the financial turmoil of the last decade put more than a major hit on that plan. With three kids headed to college over the next six years, we needed help. Michael and the Ecliptic team showed us the future wasn’t bleak, and we even had a few laughs along the way. Thank you, Ecliptic Financial!

— Christine and Jim

I would like to tell you what a huge difference you and Ecliptic Financial Advisors have made in our college financial planning. Your company has made the difficult task of sorting out, completing, and filing the FAFSA for our two college students simple. Your staff is always prompt in returning calls and answers our questions in terms that are easy to understand. The college financial planning process is full of ‘curves and bumps in the road’ but you have certainly smoothed the road.

— Steve

Back in 2003, when our first-born was in high school and we were novices at how to proceed with the upcoming college entrance financial process, we sought the advice of John Tillman for assistance and it has made the process much easier. Our son has been in college for the past 3 years and Ecliptic Financial continues to complete and submit our annual FAFSA reports, which has been a great service for us. We encourage you to take advantage of these services.

— The Bidwell Family

It began on a cold January evening in 2004. I attended a presentation about the problems paying for college at a nearby high school. It was here I met John and Mike. Little did I know the positive impact these gentlemen were going to have on my life when it came to paying for college. To those reading this testimony: I implore you to work with the financial professionals at Ecliptic Financial! College education is a double-edged sword! At one end is not having enough money to go, at the other end is not going and wallowing through life not accomplishing the goals you once had. Working with John and Mike will reward you in ways you never imagined.

— Joe

During the hectic times of trying to figure out the best way to finance college tuition for three children, Ecliptic was without a doubt the best move we could have made. The financial solutions and honest, friendly service that we received would lead us to recommend their service to everyone!

— John C.

Sending your child off to college is very stressful. Dealing with financial issues is worse. Ecliptic Financial takes the stress away. They are knowledgeable and available with information. They make you feel so comfortable. I never feel like my questions are inferior. Everyone there is pleasant and makes you feel like family. I highly recommend Ecliptic Financial.

— Marinella

Ecliptic Financial was a great help to us in preparing our daughter for college and for re-organizing our finances to enable us to pay for her tuition. Their on-line college search tools helped her to find a great match to what she was looking for. Our advisor helped us solve some problems we had with our current finances, and set up a solid plan for us to be able to pay for college, plus have a plan for retirement. We could not have done this alone, and I am very glad to have them in our corner.

— Karen

We just started the process but I have to say I am very pleased so far.

— Tara

Was able to quickly contact someone re: FAFSA submission.

— Judy

My husband and I were exploring new territory as the eldest of our three children was entering junior year in HS. We wanted a road map and guide in how to maneuver through the challenges of college planning. We sought professional guidance with Ecliptic Financial Advisors and have been extremely satisfied with their help through the entire process.

— Tammy

Everyone at Ecliptic Financial is wonderful. They are so friendly, helpful, and take all the hassle out of filing for the FAFSA. They will guide you through all the steps and remind you of any deadlines.

— Lynn

Always very helpful with my concerns.

— Rhonda

Ecliptic should be your first stop if your high schooler is considering college.

— Craig

Great job very easy to work with.

— Ken

We are extremely pleased with Ecliptic Financial Advisors, and are so glad we attended the workshop about financing college and took the next steps to start working with them. We especially like working with Chris Curran – he is personable, knowledgeable and responsive to all our inquires. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship as we shepherd our children through college and for us beyond the post-college years.

— Dawn

Always great service and prompt answers to my questions.

— Christine

Hello to everyone reading this. We sat through the presentation at our local high school back in 2009. We made an appt. with Ecliptic Financial Advisors. The information that was presented to us at their office was eye opening. We knew little about how to use our monies and assets to pay for our children’s colleges. We were skeptical at first (after all its money), but we put our trust in John, Michael and their staff. Six years later both our children are doing well in school and thanks to Ecliptic we are able to afford to help them financially with minimal student loans.

— Blake

I have nothing but rave reviews especially for the people handling my FAFSA and CSS Profile. Whenever I have a question, they always respond quickly and solve any concerns that I may have.

— Maryann

The service we have received from Ecliptic has been excellent. I am very satisfied with the program that has been developed for my family. The program protects your assets from downside risk while providing growth for the long term. Would highly recommend the program.


Great advice, knowledgeable, accessible. Have greatly aided our family in choosing the right colleges and supporting us as they finish their degrees.

— Cecilia

My experience with you was amazing and thanks for making it so easy.

— Christine F.

Being in the mindset of having to put three children and wife through college and graduate school was a daunting proposition. Being referred to Mike of Ecliptic Financial Adviors made the process of putting together our financial portfolio, along with having Ecliptic take care of all the necessary paperwork made my life so much easier. I would highly recommend Ecliptic Financial Advisors. Working with Mike was easy and affordable. Thanks Mike, looking forward to working with you through my other two children.

— Dan and Heidi

Loved the quick reply and the fantastic appeal letter that were written for both my children.

— Christine

My husband and I are very impressed with Michael’s knowledge of the college application process. Ecliptic Financial has not only given us a better understanding of the process but also our son. Michael’s guidance has put us on track for paying for college.

— Cherie

With everything going on in life it was a welcome pleasure to have Ecliptic Financial helps us through the whole college process. After listening to the horror stories from other families going through the process alone we felt having Ecliptic Financial by our side was well worth the money.

— Tom

Helpful, friendly. College process a lot easier with their help. All questions answered.

— Sheri

My representative was knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and personable! Thank goodness, because I need to feel safe about my investment and he certainly seems trustworthy!

— Deb

Michael Scannell and the team at Ecliptic are fantastic and go above and beyond to serve their clients!

— Wendy

We have been using Ecliptic Financial for about 6 years now. They have extremely helpful with college financial issues; we don’t know what we would have done without them!! They explained how we could find money for college for our 2 kids and also with a filing of our FASFA forms (from what I understand a headache to complete!!). They have also advised us about retirement and the things we should be doing to help ease into that transition in a few years. The staff is so helpful and nice!! Our Financial Officer that has helped us since the beginning is the BEST!!!

— Kathy

Very helpful and polite. Intelligent and courteous staff with a great attitude! Overall helped me send my kids to college. Having them helped me for 5 years (and more coming) I would definitely recommend them to any parent!

— Irina

I have been using this company’s services for 6 years running. Although I did not need their many levels of services it was comforting to know I had a source to go to if needed. In my case they took some of the stress away from the college experience. I fully recommend this company. They are fully competent to provide all the support you may need for your college bound student from beginning to graduation.

— Joseph

Everyone has done a GREAT JOB in helping my son in getting Financial Aid & handling all aspects of paperwork involved in the process. All my questions are always answered right away.

— Peter

We have been dealing with Chris Curran since my daughter was a senior in high school. He is very good at finding the right financial aid package and explaining what it means in the long term. Also, all the people that I have contacted are already one step ahead of whatever I call about. We are very satisfied with the service we received from Ecliptic Financial Advisors, and would highly recommend contacting them with any thoughts and concerns that you have about college planning.

— Wayne P.

We, as a family, have been using Ecliptic Financial Services for over 7 years now. Their services they have provided to us over the years has been invaluable. The staff is very friendly and helpful and always respond to us in a timely manner with questions, advice, or just someone to talk to when college planning becomes very frustrating. I would highly recommend their services.

— Patricia

Ecliptic has always been very customer friendly. Michael always explains things clearly and patiently – (and we always need lots of explanations.) We have been working with them now for 5 years and we have not been disappointed.

— Avima

Both my son’s interview with his counselor and the assessment that was provided to us were extremely professional and very personalized. My son looks forward to continuing with the process. My wife and I recently had a college financial consultation which was very informative and hopefully will benefit us in our situation.

— Michael

Very professional! Ecliptic is helping make this difficult process smooth.

— Steve

We are dealing with our third child entering college, while our other two children will be going into their senior and junior years in universities, so naturally, we turned to our personal Ecliptic Financial Advisor, Michael Scannell, for help. Once again, Mr. Scannell (Mike) has exceeded our expectations and has guided us through the maze of loans, grants, and financial aid available to help us maximize our financial situation without suffering the effects of crippling debt. I highly recommend Ecliptic Financial Advisors for all your college needs!

— Tom

Responsive, personal help. I feel I’m in good hands, and never talked down to when I ask dumb questions. 🙂

— John

My husband and I are very impressed with Michael’s knowledge of the college application process. Ecliptic Financial has not only given us a better understanding of that process but also our son. Michael’s guidance has put us on track to paying for college.

— Cherie

Thank you to Ecliptic. They really are on top of things and very helpful with my son’s college planning.

— Rich

Ecliptic Financial provided us with excellent service, tools and advisement for both our daughters’ college selection, FAFSAs each year, scholarships, and funding strategy for college and retirement. They are always available to us with stellar support.

— Cecilia