Ecliptic Financial Advisors offers premier college admissions counseling and application assistance services. Getting into college is as competitive an endeavor as ever, and private college application assistance and admissions counseling can help make the difference. While college admissions counseling is separate from our financial planning services, many clients find it extremely helpful to have a professional admissions counselor guide them every step of the way

The Importance of College Admissions Counseling for Students and Parents

The truth is that most families don’t think much about college until the child enters high school, often not until junior year. At Ecliptic Financial Advisors, we’re thinking about it all the time. This means we have extensive experience in every step of the college admissions process.

Partnering with an experienced college admissions counselor who knows the ropes can take away a massive level of stress!

More importantly, the counselor will create structure and teach strategies, so the student approaches all of the components of the college application package the right way, avoiding any pitfalls and focusing on the right path.

Ecliptic Financial Advisors designs our program to fulfill this purpose. We’ve anticipated the areas where we can most benefit the student and work with them face-to-face to achieve maximum results. We take the mystery out of the college admissions process.

Individualized College Admissions Counseling

Our hands-on college admissions counseling includes one-on-one meetings with a college admissions counselor to explore career paths and college options in order to help narrow and focus the student’s search.

The college admissions counselor will remain in contact with your student through text, phone or e-mail any time, day or night. This is an intensive program allows students to have direct communication with their admissions counselor to assist them in setting goals and deadlines to apply to college. Your student will have unlimited guidance on subjects such as:

  • Determining a career path
  • Identifying colleges that are a good fit
  • Writing an effective college essay
  • Completing college applications accurately, putting students in the best possible light
  • Meeting all deadlines
  • Compiling a strong resume
  • Planning long-term educational goals
  • Planning long-term career aspirations
  • And more!

Standardized Testing Timeline

We establish timelines for standardized testing so the student will have plenty of time to study for, sit for and submit all necessary standardized tests. Your counselor will provide study guides and test-taking techniques.

Determine Personalized Task List

The next step is to plan out a list of timelines and goals for the student. The counselor, based on her knowledge of the student and their college goals, will work with the student to develop this list.

Review Appropriate Colleges

One of the most challenging issues for students can be narrowing down a list of colleges. It’s important to get a good mix of schools. Together, the counselor and student work together to assemble a solid list of 8 to 12 target, reach and safety schools.

College Application Assistance

Applying to colleges can be highly stressful for a student, and we can help take some of that stress away and improve their chances of acceptance with services such as:

  • Essay Development, Review and Final Editing: Brainstorming essay ideas utilizing proven strategies and helping the student develop an outline and specific features to highlight. Unlimited review and revision of main college essay, including final edit and additional supplemental essay review.
  • Application Completion Assistance: Counselor will sit face-to-face with the student to correctly complete college applications, including institution applications and the Common Application. The counselor will help package the student in the best possible light to maximize acceptances and avoid mistakes.

Value Added Services

  • Counselor will help student prepare a resume, a vital tool in the college application process
  • Counselor will conduct mock interviews to prepare student for college admissions interviews
  • Counselor will text, email and call student to keep them on deadline, reducing stress at home
  • Unlimited access to counselor, including face-to-face meetings