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When Is the Best Time to Submit College Financial Aid Forms

There are a number of different pieces to the college application puzzle, and most experts will tell you the best preparation for your child’s college applications is to set up a timeline. Part of that timeline includes figuring out the best time to submit college financial aid forms. Here is some basic information on the best time to submit the FAFSA and other financial aid forms.

When Do I Need to Submit College Financial Aid Forms? Do I Need to Submit College Financial Aid Forms Before Choosing a School?

You should fill out financial aid forms as soon as possible. For the 2018-2019 school year, the application for FAFSA became available on October 1st, and while you don’t have to submit it that day, you should submit it in a timely manner because financial aid often comes on a first-come, first-served basis. When it runs out, that’s it.

Timely submission of the application can also mean earlier notification for need-based financial aid awards, which can help you make important decisions. Your child should choose his/her schools and apply first, before submitting the FAFSA, if possible. Be sure to file your FAFSA with every college where your child applies.

Can I Amend My Child’s Financial Aid Forms After They Are Submitted?

You can make certain changes on your child’s FAFSA by going to your account at and logging in with your FAFSA ID. Kinds of changes you can make include adding schools you wish to receive the financial aid information and correcting incorrect social security numbers, addresses or other general data. You generally cannot amend changes to your financial status. You must amend the form if your dependency status has changed. If your form is selected for verification, you will have to notify FAFSA for the specific information they ask.

Should My Accountant Review the College Financial Aid Forms?

The truth is, it’s difficult to get through all these complicated financial aid forms without making a mistake or two, so it’s not a bad idea to have an expert take a look. Your best option is to have an expert who specializes in college funding review your forms. The experts at Ecliptic Financial Advisors will prepare, review and submit your financial aid forms without costly mistakes. College funding, along with college admissions counseling and retirement planning, is precisely what we do! For a sampling of how Ecliptic Financial Advisors can use its expertise to help you maximize your ability to pay for college, register for and attend one of our free upcoming workshops in the New Jersey area.

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